The item I’m about to reveal is one of the best purchases you will make this year, I promise. It’s the perfect present for you, your mom (ha), and every female out there who can appreciate an accessory that has about 487 uses. It’s basically the potato of fashion.

Introducing: the fouta. Not to be confused with flauta (yum) or fupa (ew).

These linen lovelies are straight from France (so you know they’re fancy) and can be used as a:
1. Scarf.
2. Wrap/shawl (does anyone say shawl anymore?).
3. Throw (totally large enough to snuggle up with).
4. Beach towel/blanket.
5. Travel pillow (ball it up and rest your head).
6. To swaddle a baby or tie around your boyfriend/husband’s face when he won’t stop snoring.

So here’s the scenario. You go on a beach vacay–you wear it while traveling (such a chic travel look), use it as a pillow or blanket on the plane (I did this last weekend), wrap yourself up in it if it gets chilly at night or in your hotel room/beach house, throw it on the sand to lay on, and smother your travel partner if he/she snores. Tell me there’s something else out there that can do all that.

I gave one to my mom and she loved it. Here we are, um, modeling. Sorta.

These are sold exclusively at Huff Harrington Home (just $42 for one!) as they have a deal with the French retailer (see what I mean about fancy?), but non-Atlantans, don’t freak out, because they will ship–just call the store. And prepare yourself for all the color options:

I know. You want them all.

I also found a site,, that has a gajillion of them (hence the name), but I can’t vouch for their material and weight (ie. if they would REALLY work  as a scarf), but it seems like they definitely could, especially the Fatma collection.

If you get one, let me know what you think. And Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom! (PS, I really need to stop snickering like a seventh grade boy every time I say “your mom.”)


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  1. great idea! i want a coral one… and a blue one… and a green one………..

  2. […] bitch getting through security per usual, because I had to take out my laptop, remove my jacket and giant travel wrap, take off and put back on my strappy sandals, etc. After I got through, it was such a process […]


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