T. G. I. Friday! (PS, that was my favorite restaurant in high school.) It’s time for me to share the things I’ve done recently and hope you’ve done something(s) similar so we can all feel completely satisfied with our lives. Presenting, the third installment of:

It’s totally acceptable if…

1. You walk into an athleticwear store and straight up ask the salesgirl, “Which pants won’t give me camel toe?”

2. You’re legitimately devastated when you go to a wedding and there is not one person you would hook up with, even after 17 vodka sodas.

3. You think Christina Aguilera is a totally lame, obnoxious man-hater and wish The Voice would replace her with a hot mess like Paula Abdul or a badass like Pink.

4. You cruise Whole Foods for cheese samples only to find a bunch of empty dishes, and get doubly pissed at 1) the greedy a-holes who scarfed everything down before you got there and 2) the employees for not replenishing that shiz.

5. You shut down a dude who booty texts you on a WEDNESDAY. 

And then shut him down again.

(Dewey is my dog).

Have a great weekend, everyone! Do something to make your mom (or your probation officer) proud.


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  1. This is hilarious on so many levels. And TGI Friday’s is still my favorite restaurant.

  2. Hahahahaha at this list. You picked an amazing picture of XTina… She looks super dirtttyyy but I think that’s what she wanted to do a few years back.

    Also, I cracked up at # 5. We need to talk about MY discovery this week.

    LYLAS! xox

  3. Meant to update you on my Lollia purchase. LOVE the perfume. I’m going to wear it on a first date tomorrow. AND, They included a lovely and adorably packaged assortment of free samples of other products!!! It was like getting a bonus BirchBox for the month

    [[Side Note: if you don’t do BirchBox, consider it. I’ve found my beauty discoveries well worth the $10/month.. among the faves I’ve since stocked up on: Yogini Perfume by Harvey Prince; Tarte Lipsurgence Lipstain; Stila liquid eyeliner. And those same Fashionable hair-tie/bracelets you featured! And a $55 perfume only cost me $14 flat thx to free shipping, a 20% fof coupon they sent me, and the rewards points I’ve earned by reviewing products… https://www.birchbox.com?raf=z4gnn ]]

    Among the samples from Lollia: hand cream in Lollia’s Calm scent, mimosa mandarin bubble bath by Tokyo Milk, Love & Toast hand creame by margot elena (an Animal and Earth friendly company), and La Vie La Mort shea butter hand creme by Tokyomilk Dark. Anyway, Now I want to buy like everything. HIGHLY recommend making even a small purchase from Lollia.

    Sorry for practically blogging on your blog, but i found those samples very exciting, and what a great purchase. Thanks!


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