I told myself I would NOT SHOP this past weekend, then I found a $20 off coupon for DSW in a stack of mail.

Of course I did.

I  obviously couldn’t ignore that blatant sign from the shoe Gods, so I convinced myself I needed a new pair of perfect wedges for the summer and hightailed it to the store. When I spotted the Tahari Wiley wedge sandals, I beelined toward them and almost ran into a girl trying them on in black. We literally became sole sisters in that moment as we bonded over the Most Comfortable Wedge in the World. Like, I put them on and had a shoegasm on the spot (I hope there were no children around). The way the stretchy straps encapsulated my feet, the cushiony sole, the high-but-not-TOO-high wedge. Ahhh. I felt like I could run a marathon in them (okay, maybe a 5K).

Most importantly, they look incredible on your feet, and because of the neutral color and canvas-y material, the Wiley can be dressed up or down (ie. you can wear them midday and not look like a street walker).

I got them in army green, but can’t stop thinking about the black, especially since I saw how cute they looked on my DSW BFF. They’re $70 at DSW and they run a bit small, so you’ll probably want to go a half size up. The Wiley also comes in hot pink and black stripes and blue and black stripes, but I just can’t get down like that; I like to keep my stripes above the ankle. (For a little more swank and spending, check out Tahari’s latest to-die-for wedge that looks almost as comfy: the Priscilla Espadrille.)

So…do you love? I thought so. Well let me tell you who doesn’t love them: my dog Dewey.

As I was trying my new footwear on again last night and prancing around my apartment, I didn’t notice him following me around like usual. Then I spotted him:

Seriously, what a creeper. Clearly he’s pissed about his live-in lady’s shoe purchase, and I just have two words for that: Typical. Guy.

Happy shopping, ladies!

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