It’s about time we had a drink together.

Well what do you know! I am hosting a cocktail party next Wednesday, May 23 at Coast with Voli (the first-ever low-cal vodka). Try the delicious and refreshing Lean Green (read more about it here)–the first one is on us, and after that, Voli will be doing $5 drink specials. Coast is providing the apps and beachy atmosphere, we’ll be doing giveaways for Flybarre 5-packs (the best workout class ever for long, lean muscles, sculpted abs, and a killer booty)  and Drybar blowouts (read: movie star hair), and I’ll be dancing on the tables.

Kidding. I think.

You know you’ll be in beach/vacay mode next week before the holiday weekend, so let’s just start early, shall we? And with these low-cal drinks, you’ll be able to maintain your bikini body. Voli co-owners Fergie and Pitbull may or may not be in attendance.

RSVP to and hope to see you there!

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