Here we go! The very first Witty + Pretty Q+A  just so happens to be with my favorite author and all-around witty and pretty gal, Emily Giffin (I know. This is a big deal). Read all about her beauty must-haves, tricks, indulgences, and disasters, and don’t forget her sixth novel, Where We Belong, comes out this July!

What is your can’t-live-without makeup product?
Diorshow mascara and La Mer lip balm.

Tell me about a total beauty fail you’ve had.
A very layered haircut while I was living in London—in the vein of one Posh Spice. Halfway through the Saturday morning haircut, I realized that the stylist was still drunk from the night before.

Yikes! Speaking of, what is your secret weapon for great hair?
Louis Licari. Definitely. I live in Atlanta, which has wonderful salons, but I only get my hair cut and colored at my favorite New York salon. I go to Dana Fiore for my cuts.

She must stay sober on the job. What’s a guilty pleasure of yours that you feel is completely acceptable for all females?
Drinking whiskey.

Amen. So, you hung around a lot of stars with Something Borrowed the movie. Did you pick up any red carpet beauty tricks?
Hair clip-in. I have my own set now. My hair doesn’t become longer but it looks twice as thick.

Ooh, I may have to look into that. What’s your fitness regime?
I have a trainer, Jeff MacFarland, who has completely reshaped certain body parts. I also take a circuit-training class called Fast Twitch. Both are at the Forum Athletic Club at Lenox Mall.  I just started yoga as well. I’m horrible—as flexible as your average grandmother.

Ha! What is a beauty trend you are loving right now?
Spray tans. Healthy and now, they look so natural. Especially with Laura Underwood at Ecobel Day Spa!
(Click here for W+P tips on spray tans). 

What about a trend that appalls you?
Glitter.  Period.

Well put. Who’s your celebrity girl crush and why?
Jennifer Aniston. She is perfect.

If you had to choose…who is the wittiest and prettiest character in all of your books?
Darcy [from Something Borrowed and Something Blue].

Agreed. Last question–favorite place to pamper yourself in Atlanta?
Therapeutic massages with Amor Largo at Robin Stiles Salon. She is, hands down, the best masseuse I’ve ever gone to—and you feel the benefits for days afterwards.

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  1. Fast Twitch and Jeff McFarland ROCK your body! Awesome class and trainer for incredible results.

  2. Think it’s time I booked a massage there! Much in need.


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