I am headed to Destin, FL this weekend with throngs of hard-partying Atlantans (not to be confused with thongs of hard-partying Atlantans, although there will be those, too) for what’s known as Adult Spring Break. It’s my first year at his momentous event, so I have been majorly preparing with no shame. I hope you’re headed somewhere fun and exciting for the holiday weekend and have experienced some of the things I have recently. Presenting, a special holiday edition of:

It’s totally acceptable if…

1. You ask for an extra coat of spray tan on your stomach because, well, duh.

2. You spend a good 20 minutes trying to decide which swimsuits to bring. Then just end up bringing them all.

3. You hope to meet an Adam Levine lookalike on the beach the FIRST day of vacation before you get all bloated from the booze and late-night snacks.

Hold on, let me catch my breath for a second.


4. You get a mani, pedi, eyelash extensions, bikini wax, and spray tan all in one week. And then wonder why your bank account looks so empty.

5. You’re legitimately nervous that you’ll make out with an ugly dude whilst wearing vodka goggles and he’ll approach you on the beach the next day. And you’ll be like:

 And your friends will be all:

6. You buy seven protein bars, a festive bottle of champers, and two bottles of vodka and know that’s what you’ll be living on for the next three days.

7. You secretly miss the days of college spring break when you roasted all day in the sun wearing SPF 2 tanning oil but were too young and irresponsible to care.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Make some memories that you may or may not actually remember.


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  1. Love it & all true! Enjoy Destin and make some memories:))


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