Memorial Day Weekend/Adult Spring Break 2K12 was a perfect three days of beaching, boating, dancing, drinking, costuming, and popping bottles of white zin at Applebee’s (hey, when in Rome Florida). But when some photos of me surfaced on the Web post-vacation, I realized one thing had been less than perfect.

Apparently, I thought it was Spring Break 1976. One thing was official (besides the fact that I just posted an unedited picture of myself in a bikini on this blog): It was time to book my very first Brazilian.

Obviously I had to document this momentous occasion and all the fears, pain, and glory that came with it via video.

Recap: I’m a big fan of the bikini wax. The fact that I don’t have to take a razor to my nether regions for three(ish) weeks is reason enough to incorporate this into my regular beauty regime, despite the “discomfort” (which I’m assuming is going to get better each time…right?). Atlantans, I highly recommend WAX, whether it’s your first or fiftieth treatment–the salon is chic, welcoming, and sparkling clean, the staff is beyond friendly and professional, it’s affordable, AND there’s a nail salon upstairs called Buff with chairs that recline all the way back so you can drink wine and pass out take a nap while getting a pedi. I mean, that’s basically heaven on Earth if you ask me.

Happy bikini season, ladies!


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*Special thanks to my friend Cara for helping me film (and making me laugh through my pain). Check out her fitness guru awesomeness at

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  1. Can we hang out, on Tuesday?

  2. I love WAX! Misty is the best!

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  6. Have you ever heard of/tried sugaring? It’s basically waxing, but the wax is made out of sugar! It hurts a lot less than regular wax and lasts way longer! The place I go to in Atlanta to get sugared is a little cheaper than WAX. You should try it sometime! 🙂

    Caroline in the City

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