Well I’ve already posted a pic of myself in a bikini and a bush on this blog so everything else may pale in comparison, but here goes another weekly installment of things I’ve done recently that I hope you have, too. Presenting:

It’s totally acceptable if…

1. You go on vacation, drink all day, then sneak off and get into bed before midnight while everyone else goes to the bars.

2. You wear a straw fedora to a business meeting because you haven’t washed your hair in like, a while. And tell yourself it’s acceptable because it’s summer. Well, almost.

3. You got a major lady boner when Arie and Emily made out on the Bachelorette this week…

…then went totally limp when this dude came on.

4. You do ONE  ass-kicking workout after a long weekend, then look in the mirror and get pissed that there are still traces of pina coladas and late-night Bagel Bites in your love handles.

5. You talk smack on girls who Facebook post anything along the lines of “I love my life!”, “I have the world’s greatest boyfriend/fiancé/husband–I am the luckiest girl in the world,” or “Just got a massive raise at work, came home to a dozen roses from my dream man, and am flying first class to Belize in the morning. Life is good.” Like, we all most of us have awesome things happening in our lives; we’re just not douches about it.

Know an out-of-control Facebook bragger? Hit the ol’ Like button below and see if they get the hint.

Happy weekend everyone! I’ll see you on Monday with a post I think you’ll find very helpful regarding this issue.


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  1. Ummm…..I think I did the last one yesterday. Still LYLAS? Double standards ok for your friends? <3

  2. Oh my, yes to #3. I might have to kick Michael Fassbender off my hump island to make room for Arie.

  3. I give a hearty amen to #4. Yours was vodka and bagel bites. Mine was red wine and vats of gelato… therefore, the gym will see my face twice today. Ouch.

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