What a huge week it’s been! Hannah Montana got engaged at the ripe age of 19, Twitter gave its bird a makeover, and I got my teeth whitened. Here’s what else I accomplished and I hope you’ve done some similar things you can be proud of. Presenting yet ANOTHER installment of:

It’s totally acceptable if…

1. You almost wreck your car because you get so excited when “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men comes on the radio.

2. You ask for nitrous (and lots of it) at the dentist even though you have no anxiety whatsoever.

And when the buzz sets in, you’re all:

Then it wears off and it’s like:

3. You pull one of these. Every time you dine with someone.

4. After being out of college for seven years, you still can’t turn down a beer funnel.

(That was a two-story, double beer funnel, by the way, and yes, that is a fanny pack and captain hat combo). 

5. One of your girls sends you a text titled “First Stage 5 Clinger of the Summer” and you promptly thank God for friends who share the same outlook on life.

On that note, who want to find their soulmates this weekend? Have fun, be safe, and if you’re not safe, pick up a Plan B on Sunday. I’ll see you on Monday with somethin’ special for your reading pleasure.


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  1. I swear, gifs make everything more funny. Um, #5… received one of those type texts yesterday. (I just ignored, but LOVE the sass of your friend.) “Stage 5 clinger”… is this a new summer phenomenon I am not aware of?


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