Let it be known that I love Urban Outfitters. Not only do I love the clothing, accessories, home stuff, and funny books, but there is a store within walking distance of my apartment AND I can bring Dewey with me while shopping. Hmmmm, take him to park or take him shopping? Call me a bad mom, but he looks pretty damn excited to be chilling in the dressing room while I try on. (Of course I take him to the park too, you guys. Calm down.)

So I put together my seven Urban must-haves for the summer. Sorry if you told yourself you wouldn’t shop this week (like I do every week).

1. Kimchi Blue Lily of the Valley sundress. This is one of the prettiest dresses I own right now. The pale colors, the ruffle, the cinched waist, the flirty back…ahhh. You can wear it with flat sandals for a casual date or event, or dress it up with heels. $59.

2. Nude lace hipster (not to be confused with Dewey). The dress is a teensy bit sheer, but it’s no issue at all as long as you wear these. It’s like they were made for it. $8.

3. Anna Sui Beach Nail Kit. Ms. Sui has put together some limited edition polishes just for us this summer (how nice of her!), and they come in the cutest, little, turquoise treasure chest. The bronze color makes me wish my toes were in the sand right now. $32

4. Too Faced Eye Love Palette. Too Faced is the best eyeshadow of all time and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Okay, maybe I’m partial. But they are seriously the best shadows I’ve ever used and if you’re makeup-challenged, they give you instructions AND pictures for the looks you’re trying  to achieve. Genius. $36.

 5. Bling Bottle Opener Ring. Speaking of genius. The top of the ring sparkles; the bottom opens a bottle of beer. You’re officially the coolest girl at the party. $8

6. Kimchi Blue Floral Print Fannypack. If you haven’t worn a fannypack since ’88, you are missing out, sister. Besides adding a “Not only am I a trendsetter but I’m playful, too” flair to your outfit, it is so convenient (pulling your phone/credit card/lip gloss out of a fannypack just feels right), and it’s pretty much impossible to lose your purse on a wild night out. Plus, florals like this little number below are so fetch right now. You’re welcome. $19.99 (on sale)

7. Cheers Sunglasses. Be the talk of happy hour with these gems. I also think they’d be fun for everyone to wear on a bachelorette party or for bridesmaids to wear when walking into a wedding reception (no offense, but the plastic wayfarers with the neon sides has been done…too many times). $6.99 (on sale).

Happy drinking shopping!

Ashley (and Dewey)

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