If you have hair, this applies to you. If you live in the L.A., San Diego, San Fran, Scottsdale, Dallas, NYC, or Atlanta areas, this is even more major. We’re about to get inside the head hair of Alli Webb, founder of Drybar—the blowout sanctuary where lovely ladies go to get serious, movie-star-style hair around a “bar” in a chic, high-energy salon (wine/champers included, duh). It’s where you’ll have mixed emotions of “OMG, I look so F’ing good” and “Well damn, now I want to look like this every day (frowny face).” If you’ve been, you know what I’m gushing about. If you don’t have a Drybar nearby, I’m so sorry, girl. Comment on this post or tweet at Alli and let her know your tresses are in distress. But first, read this:

First things first. What is your favorite style of Drybar blowout?
Depends on the day. I think I am a Mai Tai girl at heart, but I can happily rock a Straight Up!

I’m a Mai Tai girl, too. Do you get blowouts at Drybar a lot or do you do it yourself?
I get blowouts at Drybar all the time. In a pinch, I will do it myself. However, I much prefer to get it done at the shop. I live for our Floaters (10 min scalp massage).

I want one right now. So tell me about the worst hair failure you’ve ever had.
Oh man, I decided I wanted to go back to my natural color (brown) last year… then I wanted it blonde again. The back and forth did a bit of a number on my hair. But after a bunch of L’Oréal Professional shots, my hair is recovering nicely.

Speaking of hair color, give me your history.
My hair has run the gamut of hair colors. I’ve been bright pink (in my early 20s), red, copper, black, brown, and many, many shades of blonde.

Do blondes have more fun?
I have to say I feel my best blonde, so yeah maybe blondes really do have more fun. 😉

I think I might have the most fun in bright pink! So what is your secret weapon for great hair (aside from a Drybar blowout, of course)?
L’Oréal Professional Sublime Twist is great for texture. I also love cocktailing a cream pomade and light oil to great some definition and piecey-ness.

Great tip! What is a hair trend that appalls you?
Not much appalls me when it comes to hairstyles. I love seeing new, creative twists on hair. It all inspires me. At first, I didn’t love the partially shaved side of the head thing that some girls are doing these days, but I came around to it and think it’s kind of cool now.

I think so, too! Not that I’d do it, but still cool. What is one of your favorite hair trends?
Big, messy hair. I never like hair to look too done…

Agreed–the bigger the better. Now on to beauty. What is your can’t-live-without makeup product?
It’s a toss-up between my Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Color in hot pink and my Urban Decay 24/7 black eyeliner.

I swear by Urban Decay eyeliner as well. What’s your fitness regime?
Lately I have been going on 45-minute walks in the morning. I take Coop [my Chihuahua] and walk up a bunch of hills, listen to my favorite music and check email. I’m a total multi-tasker! I also recently discovered Bikram yoga–it’s intense, but really amazing for the soul!

Awesome. Favorite place to pamper yourself?
Carasoin Day Spa on Robertson in West Hollywood is a favorite.

Ahhhh. Now back to hair. What female celeb(s) has the best tresses?
I personally love Leighton Meester’s and Blake Lively’s hair.

I couldn’t agree more.

Gossip Girl Ashley

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  1. I know where I need to go when I’m in Atlanta this summer after a year of being salon-deprived overseas. Love the new blog, Ashley!

  2. Went for my first Drybar blow-out yesterday. Obsessed. Thanks for the tip!

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