It’s that time again (and no, I don’t mean happy hour–that will come soon enough). I mean another installment of things I’ve done this week (with the exception of #1-A) that I hope you can relate to. Nothing to be ashamed of here, girls. Presenting:

It’s totally acceptable if…

You cried (a significant amount) at The Greatest Proposal of All Time. Then:
A) Cursed your husband for his mediocre proposal.
B) Cursed your boyfriend because he doesn’t have the faintest idea how to make something of that magnitude happen (and has never even heard of Bruno Mars).
C) Wondered if it would be premature to send it to the guy you’ve gone on three dates with.

(Click to open in YouTube)

2. You’re at your doctor, trainer, etc. and when they say you may be a little dehydrated, you hop on the scale immediately.

3. You see this in a magazine and seriously consider trading your dog in for a cat.

4. You get the best manicure ever and find yourself admiring your hands when you should be working for like, way too long.

5. You fit into a size jean you haven’t gotten into in years, excitedly tell the dressing room attendant (because you just can’t hold it in), and when she says “Yeah, that style runs a little big,” you literally have to restrain yourself from punching her in the face.

Happy (almost) weekend, everyone! Be safe out there. (And if anyone has a cat that uses the toilet, please let me know because I need to come get video of that.)


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  1. I had to post the video on my FB. How beautiful. My BF will definitely see it on my FB wall 😉

  2. 1. What are the chances that your friends and family have THAT much rhythm? I can think of about 4 of my friends who could do that and not break something in the process.
    2. Recently had a similar experience at Ann Taylor in Lenox, except the MALE dressing room attendant tried to tell me I was too fat for the white skinny jeans. I am currently weighing in at 128 pounds, so you can imagine my reaction. WTF is with these people? (And yes, bigger question is why does Ann Taylor allow men – even if they’re gay – to work the dressing room?)

  3. We almost taught one of our 2 cats to use the toilet, but our NY apartment only had one bathroom and it got cumbersome removing his training pan from the bowl whenever we had to go. But for a while, he seemed to appreciate that his poop would simply get flushed away. He liked watching it swirl. Not even kidding.


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