If you’re a nail whore, you probably already know about NARS’ collab with Thakoon, resulting in six vibrant, head-turning polishes available for a limited time. If you don’t, know this: You need these (well, at least one of them).

You know that maxi dress/sheer tank/pair of wedges/whatever you have that you literally get 183 compliments from random strangers every time you leave the house in it? This is like that…for your fingers. It’s like you dipped your nails into a martini glass full of amazing and then angels came and sprinkled them with magical shine dust. Wait, what?

Anyway, I want to give my glowing, number one recommendation for Kutki, the powder blue. When I picked it out at Buff nail salon last week, I was hesitant because it looked so pale, but once the nail tech was finished with the second coat, I almost sprung up from my chair and hugged her from excitement (but I didn’t, because I didn’t want to spill my wine).

If you squint, it looks like a sandy beach in the background instead of the sidewalk along North Highland Avenue. No? Squint a little harder.

This color reminds me of those Hard Candy colors back in the ’90s but, like, ten times better and higher quality. It’s a MUST for this summer. (My second fave is the hot pink Anardana.) And strangely enough, all of these polishes look even more incredible on your hands when holding a cocktail.

Now go out and get nailed!


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  1. OMG – I was just thinking I wish you would do a blog on summer polish colors because I had no idea … and hopefully you didn’t notice my unpolished toes when I saw you yesterday (aack!). Thanks Witty + Pretty!

  2. Looks great! It’s my favorite color for Summer!

  3. […] not going to dump OPI completely, but we’re no longer exclusive. And for the record, the NARS polish on my toes is still going strong THREE weeks […]


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