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I’ve spent the last six days in the city for work and play (okay, mostly play) and it felt like home. But it’s not home (at least not yet), so I’m still in visitor territory. If you’ve ever spent time in the Big Apple, you may be able to relate to the way I roll when I’m there. Presenting the official NYC edition of…

It’s totally acceptable if…

1. After a few nights of dinner and partying, you’re legitimately terrified to check your bank account. And when you finally do, it’s like:

2. You have all intentions of taking the Subway somewhere and even have a perfectly good Metro card in your wallet but when you get out on the street….you still hail a cab.

3. This sign literally stops you in your tracks….and you march yourself right into the bar to investigate.

4. The first day: You carry your fancy, oversized handbag and wear strappy sandals to walk around the city.
The last day: You say “F*ck this,” sling on your lightest tote/purse, and put on your Toms or tennis shoes.

5. You come to the conclusion that iPhones definitely lose battery life quicker in NYC, and also think it would be a great idea to have chargers in cabs.

6. You take pictures like this in Central Park. Then spend a good ten minutes trying to decide on an Instagram filter.

7. No matter how many signs you see for “$23 Mani & Pedi,” you still can’t grasp why they’re so cheap and how New Yorkers can just act like that’s normal.

8. You want to eat everything in sight (and you do). But you tell yourself it’s totally justified because you’re walking so much (and it is).

9. You realize that A) Your apartment back home is a sprawling mansion, but B) Your city is seriously lacking in the hot guy department.

10. Sex and the City somehow comes up every time you’re walking down the street in a foursome. And you roll your eyes when someone says she’s Carrie. Because like, you’re obviously Carrie.


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    Sooooo true to all of this……

  2. Ash,

    You’re so totally Carrie… lol. 🙂

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