Here’s the deal.

You’re going to strip down, step into a silver tube with only your head poking out (what?), then the tube will fill with nitrogen that’s about NEGATIVE 270 degrees Fahrenheit (that wasn’t a typo). You will turn into a human popsicle, but in three minutes, you’ll be all done and feel stimulated, rejuvenated, and skinny. Welcome…to cryotherapy.

This treatment is basically an ice bath on steroids. Athletes use it to heal injuries and reduce pain and inflammation because it’s a whole lot quicker and less painful than sitting in a tub of ice for however long they do that ridiculousness for. Like, the New York Knicks have one of these contraptions on hand. But since I don’t think many of you readers play pro sports (no offense), I’ll tell you about the other awesome benefits:

-Tightens and rejuvenates your skin (yes, even cellulite) and can heal skin problems/ailments
-Boosts your metabolism (you’ll burn 500-800 calories in the few hours post-treatment!)
-Gets your endorphins rushing (some people even get turned on in there)
-Flushes out your body (hello, hangover helper!)
-Helps you sleep better at night

See, when you get to that freezing point in the “cryosauna,” all the blood rushes to your core and your body works overtime to produce heat (that’s where the calorie burning comes in). This whole process is what heals injuries, reduces pain, and basically hits the reset button on your bod. Every time I do it, I feel ahhh-mazing and energized afterward.

Icebox Cryotherapy is the first and only location in Georgia and they have another cryosauna in Tallahassee at Whitfield Chiropractic Clinic . There are two cryotherapy locations in L.A.,  one in Dallas, two in Austin, one in Miami, and one in Orlando. One session at Icebox is $70 but it’s cheaper when you buy in bulk–you can even buy a big package (ha) and split it among friends.

So just chill out.


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