Recently, I had to grab some drugstore sunscreen in a pinch and was instantly drawn to Hawaiian Tropic’s SPF 20 Shimmer Effect Lotion. I like SPF 20 because it’s higher than 15 but less than 30.

You can just call me a mathematician after that astute statement.

I also like the idea of a subtle shimmer. Now, had this lotion said “glitter” or “sparkle,” I would have backed away from it like an ex coming at me in a bar with drunk face.  The two skin effects are very different and are made for two separate age groups (and decades, for that matter).

I slathered it on my arms while on the beach ready to see a subtle glow, but instead, instantly felt like an extra in the most award-winning flick of 2001…Glitter.

I don’t exactly remember if there are a lot of sparkly bodies in that movie because I’ve tried to block it from my mind but the title pretty much sums it up, plus Mariah Carey, the wannabe-tween, butterfly-loving, body glitter queen herself, stars in it. So that’s what I felt like as my skin sparkled under the sun’s rays. My BFF Cory noticed immediately (because I was blinding her) and concurred.

So there you have it, sunbathing beauties. In my book, there’s nothing wrong with listening to a little “Always Be My Baby” and “Fantasy” (especially the remix) on the beach, but unless you want to look like Miss Mariah herself circa 1997, steer clear of this concoction.


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