In the wise words of The Cure, “It’s Friday, I’m in love.”

Except I’m not in love (well, unless you count my new Michael Stars maxi skirt, vodka, and Joe Manganiello), but it is Friday, which means it’s time for another roundup of things I’ve done recently and hope you have, too, so we can be Internet sisters for life. Presenting:

It’s totally acceptable if…

1. You discover these two gifts from the snack Gods in THE. SAME. WEEK. And wish someone would come confiscate all of the spoons in your apartment.

2. You have five celebrations for a non-milestone birthday (29). And your friends start to get pissed.

3. You go to Target for JUST a lint roller and dental floss…and this happens.

4. You buy a perfect pair of sandals and wear them right out of the store like a 6-year-old.

(Click here if you want ’em.)

5. You wish Spotify would stop telling everyone your business.

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Hope to see you stylish Atlanta girls at the Les Nouvelles Yard Sale tomorrow (read: discounted designer duds + free booze) and for the rest of you–go spend your hard-earned cash on some cocktails.



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  1. I’ll be batting my eyes and getting others to spend their hard earned cash on my cocktails, but I suppose the outcome is mostly the same. 😉

  2. jello? really, hess? 😉


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