I have dropped and cracked two bronzers in the last month.

Yes, one incident was booze-induced, but like, at this point, someone should suspend my beauty blogger card. I use Pla Beauty’s ahhh-mazing bronzer in Cougar (rawwr) and when I dropped it the first time a few weeks ago, I tried to salvage it for a few days, made a big, shimmery mess, then sadly had to toss it. Frowny face.

At Woo Skincare and Cosmetics on Saturday, I picked up a new one (and got my makeup done because, well, why not?) and told my sob story to my Pla makeup artist, Amy, who promptly shared a trick with me. I thought to myself, “That’s nice, but I won’t have to use that for a while; lightning bronzer doesn’t strike break twice in one month.”

Then I cracked the new one the very next day.

So I used Amy’s trick. Here’s how to do it:

1) Mush all the remains of the cracked product together (chunks, flakes, powdery dust and all).
2) Lightly dab it with alcohol (isopropyl, not vodka)–I dipped my forefinger in the alcohol, dabbed the bronzer where I needed to “glue” it, then dabbed it with my other (dry) forefinger to set it a little better. You can do this a couple times until it’s back together.
3) Voila!

It’s not the prettiest, but it’s repaired…and sanitized (bonus!). I found it to be a little flakier so you can use less pressure with your brush, but it definitely didn’t come apart at the seams, er, cougar spots. More proof that alcohol fixes everything.

Happy bronzing, beauties!


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  1. […] Apply blush BEFORE bronzer. That’s right. After your foundation/BB cream/primer/whatever, when you’re about to do bronzer then blush, take it from the wise words of the “Cha Cha Slide” and reverse, reverse! Apply your rouge (as Grandma would say), and feel free to brush on a little more than usual and not worry about getting it perfect because your bronzer will blend it. Apply your bronzer like normal, and VOILA: A rosy glow that looks likes it’s radiating from your actual skin (not a cosmetic) because the color is underneath your “tan.” (And remember what to do if your bronzer or blush breaks.) […]


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