What a week it’s been! Honey Boo Boo premiered, Twilight fans are still sobbing themselves to sleep because Bella cheated on Edward, and more hookups went down in Olympic Village than a Vegas porn convention. It’s time for another roundup of five happenings/observations/thoughts from the week that I hope you can relate to. Last week was The Olympics, so I’m going with another theme most of us hold near and dear: Facebook. Hope you like it (and by like, I obviously mean hit the “like” button).

It’s perfectly acceptable if…

1. You can’t grasp how Someecards have suddenly become the most popular thing on the Internet (besides Ryan Lochte) when they’ve been around for FIVE YEARS.

2. You can’t stand when people check in at every single airport they go to. Okay, so you travel a lot. We get it.

And like, we didn’t ask for your flight info.

3. You literally stare at your computer screen in disbelief when you see certain posts about babies and wonder if some women lose all sense of decency when they give birth. Parents, I can guarantee there is not one person on Facebook who cares that your newborn just exploded in his or her diaper. In fact, you probably just made someone throw up a little.

4. You noticed a status update or two about preseason games and had the scary realization that college football, pro football, and fantasy football are about to take up your entire news feed. And worst of all: Girls acting like they love football to impress dudes.

 5. You “like” Witty + Pretty on Facebook, then tell all your friends to do the same.

Wait, what?

Now back to the ‘book. Have a great weekend, everyone! And if you go to the airport or your baby takes a dump on the kitchen table, please try not to post about it.


But seriously..how about that like

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