There are some things you never think about having to do until they’re placed right in front of your face. Like this fish last week at Lure:

I mean, I didn’t know what the hell to do with that. And not only was I confused…I was a little scared. But then I noticed a handy little sign on the table telling me exactly how to proceed, complete with drawings! I was ready to de-bone with confidence (not to be confused with boning with confidence, which I don’t need illustrated instructions for).

I conquered my fear and went in.

It was so easy! Although it felt really weird when I pulled the spine out (I repeat: Pulled. The. Spine. Out.) so I immediately ordered another cocktail to take the edge off before diving into that delicious trout. I didn’t get a final picture of the removal process (because I was too busy guzzling my drink), but here’s one of my friend Andrea from a little while back (she’s a pro and didn’t even need pictures, ugh).

And that’s how it’s done, ladies. Next time you go on a date, order a whole fish and impress your dude with just how confidently you can de-bone. He’ll eat it up.


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