I play music all…the…time. While I work, clean, cook (a rare occasion), get ready, unload the dishwasher, make out with dudes (even rarer than cooking these days), drive, work out, stare at my to-do list, stare at my computer screen, cuddle with Dewey, read magazines, stalk people, read about politics spend time on Facebook, pay bills (and then slit my wrists), have private time, make coffee, organize my beauty products, etc. So my iTunes get old quick, as do my Pandora stations (plus, they’re always turning my music off and asking if I’m still listening, which is just rude).

About a month ago, I discovered Songza. If you’re already tuned in to this dream come true, feel free to skim ahead (or keep reading to see if we share the same sentiments), but if you haven’t heard of/experienced it, you are in for a true musical orgasm. Make that multiple orgasms. What it is: A “music concierge” with curated playlists for every possible mood, activity, and time of day. Sign up online or get the app (you can link through Facebook since Mark Zuckerberg runs the Internet and also, the universe) and Songza will ask what you’re up to. Let’s just say it’s Tuesday night:

I usually like to look at pictures of my ex on Wednesday, but whatev.

Kidding. I don’t have any pictures of my exes. I burned them all.

Kidding again. I only did that once.

Okay enough of that. Sorry, I got carried away (but I did burn an ex pic in 2001, for the record). So after you choose your activity, you’ll be given even more categories regarding genre, decade, or specifics like “Unexpected Best Night Ever,” “Cosmic Dreams,” “Breakup Pop,” and even “Featuring Nicki Minaj” (because we don’t hear enough of her on the radio) to bring you to the absolute perfect playlist for that moment in time. Or you can scrap the time of day option and search by activity (curing road rage, getting lucky, girls night out, sitting on a back porch), mood (aggressive, energetic, sexual, trashy), decade, or culture. And to up the cool ante, the geniuses behind Songza have gotten kickass music folk to create exclusive playlists.

A few of my faves so far:
1. Flywheel’s Epic Workout: 1. Flywheel obviously knows tunes to get fit to. 2. When are you NOT looking for an epic workout playlist?
2. Gorilla vs. Bear: The most recent songs posted on the badass music blog Gorilla vs. Bear and it’s updated weekly. It’s pure amazingness (plus, impress your friends and/or crush with all the new bands you now know about).
3. Vodka Escapades: Ladies Be Pre-Gaming: Like, did they read my mind?
4. Fireplace Folk: Chill. Happy. Nostalgic.
5. The Golden Age of Boy Bands: Backstreet. N’Sync. 98 Degrees. And a whole bunch more you probably never heard of.
6. Girl Talk’s Backyard BBQ: That’s right, Gregg Gillis himself made a playlist for hanging out on your deck all afternoon. Big time.

You must be wondering what the catch is. How can this musical perfection just be at your fingertips for free?! I don’t know, but I’m not asking questions. Oh, and it’s also COMMERCIAL FREE…and they’ll never stop the tunes on you.

Pandora, you just got served.


So Songza is obviously life-changing and you’ll want to use it on the reg, but I just want to make sure you fellow music lovers are up to date on a couple other items. I’ll make it quick.

1. Have you downloaded The White Panda’s Bambooyah! yet (for free/name your price)? If not, do that IMMEDIATELY and thank me later. You can preview the tracks before you commit (I recommend 5, 14, 19, and 28 for a test drive). And I’m going to make a bold statement here: I love WP more than Girl Talk (and it’s not just because he has the same initials as this blog).

2. I made a Spotify playlist titled “GURLS” (duh) if you want to take a listen. Just head over to the Witty + Pretty FB fan page (give it a like if you haven’t already!) and check out the tunes. It starts out strong…thanks to Robyn.

3. Can we all agree Carly Rae Jepsen will never have another hit as good and/or popular as “Call Me Maybe”? I mean…for her second single, she partnered with Owl City for God’s sake. Do you guys REMEMBER “Fireflies”?

And now, back to my music.



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  1. And today you officially blew my mind! Love it!

  2. You may have just changed my life. If I had to listen to one more Spotify ad with those f***ing strumming guitars, something bad was going to happen.

  3. […] every five songs or so. So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered, via the beauty blog Witty + Pretty, a new kind of Internet radio called Songza. Not only is it completely free, it has ZERO ADS, […]

  4. […] every five songs or so. So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered, via the beauty blog Witty + Pretty, a new kind of Internet radio called Songza. Not only is it completely free, it has ZERO ADS, […]


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