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I incorporate alcohol into about 98% of my CBS Better Mornings segments, so am obviously known on the set as the boozehound/party girl that starts throwing ’em back at 9 a.m. This week, I decided to fully embrace my reputation and do an ALL BOOZE segment. Check it out, hear why you can’t drink tequila ALL the time (read: my attempt at a racy joke on live TV), and click the links below for more info.

*High Liquors: Awesome, new premium liquor line (vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey) in beautiful bottles, created by two Southern gents. Available in Atlanta and select other Southeast locations and expanding as we speak drink.
*Sinless Cocktails:  Margarita, mojito, and sour mixes so you can whip up easy bevvies and stay skinny while you sip gulp (the mixes are sugar-free and a measly FIVE calories per serving). Check out the store locator for locations (and restaurants/bars serving Sinless) and/or have the product shipped!
*Frozen Pints: Beer. Ice cream. Enough said. Sold in Whole Foods and tons of other markets and package stores; check the site for locations.

Now I’m thirsty. Is it 5 o’clock yet? (Not like that matters.)


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