Recently I saw an ad for Essie’s new Mirror Metallics in a mag whilst laying out at the pool, and (as soon as prime sun hours ended) hightailed it to CVS to pick up the to-die-for, perfect-for-fall Penny Talk.

I just used the polish and it was everything I hoped it would be…and more (Essie was right).

I applied the first coat of Penny Talk on my left hand (it went on smooth and shiny), and by the time I was finished with my right hand…THE LEFT HAND APPEARED TO BE DRY. Thinking it must be some kind of optical illusion (“mirror metallic” infers there could be some trickery going on), I touched it. Nope, no joke–that ish was as dry as my 8-month (unintentional) celibacy spell in 2010.

Did I just admit that?

Now I know metallics have a rep for drying faster, but this was on a whole different level. You can definitely slap on one coat if you’re in a hurry (these colors are opaque enough to look good with a single layer), or wait just a tad longer and go for two (they’re still hardening up about 127 times faster than your other polishes).

If you’re an overachiever and want your nails to dry at Olympic sprinter speeds, paint on Essie’s Rapid Dry Top Coat and be out the door before you can say “Ryan Lochte is a huge douche but I’d still make out with him.”

Speaking of the Olympics, I can’t wait to go pick up the Good as Gold shade. And the Nothing Else Metals. And Blue Rhapsody. Okay, maybe all of them.

They’re worth every penny.


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