I’m here for you guys girls. Which is why I spend my days and nights tirelessly scouring the World Wide Web for the best in pretty and funny so you don’t have to. Last week we covered celeb beauty, and ever since that picture of Miley’s horrendous interesting hairdo, I’ve had mane on the brain. Here are three things I think you should read/see when it comes to your lovely lady locks.

1. Summer is almost over (waaah!), but you can keep your tresses in beach mode on the cheap with DIY sea salt spray, courtesy of Free People’s blog (which I love, btw). Why this rules: It’s a total at-home science experiment so you’ll feel majorly accomplished when you’re done. Oh, and your hair will be gorge.


2. Sorry fedoras, but head wraps are currently the hot accessory for atop our noggins. I couldn’t pick just one article/blog/photo…so I created a Pinterest board with lots of inspiration. Why this rules: Our dirty hair…now a style statement.


3. Apparently, there’s a ponytail bar in NYC. My initial thought is “Wow, that’s awesome and I love a bar of any kind!” But when I actually think about it, I’m all, “Wait, why would I pay someone to put my hair in a ponytail?” And now you really don’t have to because DailyCandy revealed the tricks of the tresses with this video. Why this rules: It’s short, sweet, informative, and features the blonde locks of the supercool Lauren Lumsden.


Hope you enjoyed this hairy situation, and more importantly, happy almost weekend! ‘Til tomorrow…



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