Last night, I dined at Top Chef Richard Blais’s restaurant, The Spence. I’d been wanting to try it for a while and the suspence had been killing me.

(Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

We settled into a comfy booth and as I zoned in on the cocktail list, my friends Andrea and Thad (a.k.a. Thandrea) pointed out to me that um, my name was on the menu.

Whaaaa?! I mean, I’m a big fan of Blais’s, but who knew he was a fan of mine? I bet he’s totally one of those dudes who reads Witty + Pretty on the sly…

The meal was incredible and everything I hoped it would be. We had lobster knuckle sandwiches, fatty beef tartare with tater tots (mmm, tots), bone marrow with tuna tartare and fried quail eggs, shredded kale Caesar (which I’ve been dying to try since I read my friend Dana’s blog), squid ink spaghetti and meatballs, rilled ribeye spinalis, lamb osso bucco, corn creme brulee (I can’t even…), and basically every dessert on the menu (chocolate, peanut, and burnt banana ice cream, pineapple upside down cake and foie caramel).

Okay, wow. We are fat.

Also of note–The Spence exclusively plays ’90s hip-hop because Bone Thugs pairs perfectly with bone marrow (duh).

Anyway. While I was stuffing my face and singing “Still Not a Player” between mouthfuls (RIP Big Pun), I received the news that I had won Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta Readers’ Pick for best fashion blogger thanks to a tweet from Tara Murphy at 360 Media! (Yes, I was social media’ing at dinner, you guys. Would you expect anything less?)

It was a tie between me and Asian Cajuns (love their blog) and I know what you’re thinking–that W+P isn’t really that fashion-y, but let’s just agree that fashion and beauty go hand in hand (plus there wasn’t a beauty blog category). Also, The Spence won Staff Pick for Best Wine List That Requires a Leap of Faith, which is funny since I was guzzling sipping some of that faithful vino when I got the news.

A big THANK YOU to anyone who voted for W+P in the survey and a special thanks to Richard Blais (and his lovely publicists who MAY or may not have been in charge of that menu stunt) for an evening worthy of “best night ever” status.


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