Here we go again. Let’s see if I can discuss bikini-area hair removal with some sort of tact.

Atlanta recently got its first sugaring salon, Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio, and I let the owner, Raquel, pour some sugar on me.

Okay, so it was more like smoothing some sugar on me and there was no Def Leppard playing in the background (bummer), but it was definitely a life-changing experience. Here are your burning questions answered:

What is it?
Sugaring is actually a technique from the olden days and is simply a concoction of sugar, water, and lemon that (after being heated) turns into a honey-like goo. It smooths on your bod and sticks only to your hair, not your skin, plus it pulls hair out in the direction of growth, which contributes to less ouch factor than waxing (I’m not going to say it’s painless, though, because that would be a lie).

How will my skin look/feel?
In a word: Incredible. I know because Raquel sugared one half of my hoo-ha and waxed the other half so I could truly see and feel the difference. There…I said it. The skin that was sugared had absolutely no redness or bumpy irritation and felt as soft as a baby’s booty (I can’t stress this enough–my skin had never. felt. smoother).

How long do I have to wait before…well…you know…
If you’re wondering about post-treatment activity, I went to Flywheel the following morning (and probably could have gone just a few hours later). As for the S-E-X factor, a friend I sent to get sugared (who will remain nameless) was so excited because she could knock the boots with her boyfriend that night. As you know with waxing, you sometimes have to give it a rest for 24 hours or so.

What about hair growing back?
When it comes to regrowth, you stay fuzz-free longer with sugaring (at least a week or two) and the more you do it, the less the hair grows back, allowing you to go even longer between appointments. And it’s significantly less painful the second (third, fourth, etc.) time around, I promise.

Can I go tomorrow?
Unlike waxing, sugaring doesn’t require you to have ’70s bush to get treated your first time, so as long as you’re working with something more than stubble, you should be good to go.

This sounds too good to be true. Are there any drawbacks?
A minor con is that it takes a little bit longer than waxing. And you definitely need someone who’s experienced in the technique (hence, why sugaring studios are harder to find). Also, it tends to be a tad pricier than waxing, but again, it lasts longer and the results are better, so you be the judge. At Sweet Peach, a sugar Brazilian is $45 ($35 plain bikini), which is still a small price to pay for baby-smooth nether regions.

So where can I get sugared?
In Atlanta, Sweet Peach is the only (and best) game in town (now with two locations in Virginia-Highland and Buckhead). In NYC, Well + Good recommends Hibba Beauty.  In Philly, go to Ursula’s About Phace. Charleston folk, I’m told you MUST hit up Sweet 185 (thanks, Ashley O!). In L.A., DailyCandy recommends Sugaring L.A. Looking for a smooth operator, but don’t live in any of those cities? Email me at or comment on this post and I’ll do my best to hook you up with a recc!

You’re hot, sticky, and sweet.


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  1. Sounds SO much better than the alternative. Great article Ashley!

  2. Raquel is the best! I will definitely be going back. It definitely has lasted longer than waxing. She is so professional and sweet. We had such a fun conversation which diverted my attention from what was really happening 🙂

  3. […] packages from the best beauty/fitness places in town: Drybar, Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio, Raw Bronzing Studio, and (drumroll please) Flywheel Sports (five-packs!), when you spend $250. […]


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