The first time I heard this song in a Flywheel class…I went a little wild. I mean, not visibly (I wasn’t thrashing around on the bike or anything), but internally I was crazy pumped up and obviously cycled harder than ever before when the beat dropped. I couldn’t find it online, but just got the name from my friend Cara (of 10 Pack and also of Flywheel) and have had it on repeat ever since. (Just FYI–it’s not new and I’m well aware it was played at the 2010 Super Bowl, so you can spare me any “Ohmygod, this song is sooo two years ago” commentary.)

Maybe it’s just me but this jam gets me cycling/running like I’m being chased by a crazy ex and there’s a safe haven with an open bar just a half mile away (feel free to take a moment to visualize that). It’s also made for those moments when you need a quick boost to remind yourself that you’re a badass. So, turn it up loud and run this mother:

YouTube for a quick listen
Spotify (it’s also on my GURLS playlist)

You’re welcome.

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  1. You are hilarious! You are right, everyone needs a good song that makes you feel like a bad ass though…


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