Last week, I was in New Orleans for a press trip where I basically ate and drank my weight in delicious food and cocktails (more on that in a later post), stayed in the newly renovated W Hotel in the French Quarter (I wanted to move in), dropped and cracked my iPhone because I was double fisting, and got a really intense tarot card reading.

But more importantly, I found a life-changing item in a downtown gift shop. Behold the red solo cup wine glasses:

The first two words that immediately came to mind were: WINE. PONG. Naturally. But these glorious gems are actually made of glass (well the stem is; the cup is ceramic), so you may not want to play raucous drinking games with them (definitely not flip cup). Plus, if you played beer pong with wine, you’d probably wake up next to your ex wearing a sombrero and/or tutu, missing your purse, and covered in glitter (not that I know from experience or anything). But wine pong or not, I still plan on bringing these to tailgates/parties and gifting them to all the booze hounds in my family come Christmas.

As if this booze invention wasn’t mind-blowing enough, I noticed the W had one of those fancy self-serve wine machines. You put a pre-paid card in, select your wine and the size pour you want (the largest one, obvi), and voila! Your cup runneth over. (Sidenote: Do you think they make these for vodka?)

It was the perfect opp to try out my new redneck pimp goblet.
Just trying to keep it klassy.

So how do you get your own? Well, I picked mine up at Roux Royale in New Orleans, but you can find them these other places for $10-$15:
Online at
Retailers that sell Y’all’s products (click on “Where to Purchase”)

If you’re looking on Etsy or another crafty site, make sure the cup part is ceramic or hard plastic, not a regular, crushable solo cup, because you could just make that ish yourself. In fact, here’s a video for how to do just that–all you need is E-6000 glue (available at craft stores), cheap candle stick holders (hello, Dollar Tree), and of course, solo cups. Warning, this guy gets a little chatty:

Fill ‘er up.


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