Take a deep breath through your nose (because no one likes a mouth breather).

Can you smell that? No, I’m not talking about your vanilla desk candle (which is lovely, btw), remnants of your pumpkin spice latte, or your co-worker’s leftovers in the microwave (which hopefully isn’t any sort of fish product, for your sake). I’m talking about the smell of FALL (!!!) and all the glorious fragrances that come with it. Below I’ve laid out five sweet scents and the messages they send when you spritz them on. Guess what I’m not going to do? Hit you with technical beauty jargon like “notes of bergamot and orange blossom” or “hints of patchouli and jasmine.” It’s just not my thang (hope you don’t mind).

1. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome: Timeless beauty Julia Roberts is the spokesmodel (you may have seen the symbolism-overload commercial), and this fragrance is as infectious as her smile. It’s super sweet, so if you’re into muskier or lighter, citrus-y smells, you may not dig it, but I can’t imagine anyone not appreciating its candy-coated girl power. If you used to douse yourself in Angel or Coco Mademoiselle but played it out (like I did with both), this is the perfect aromatic upgrade for you.
It says: “I’m hot, sticky, and sweet, from my head to my feet. But treat me like a lady…or else.” 
Buy: Department stores where Lancome is sold; SephoraUlta; $55 and up

2. Dot  by Marc Jacobs: One look at the bottle and you know a party is in there just waiting to bust out. This fragrance is fresh and fun, floral but not TOO floral (oh yes, that is a hint of coconut), and created to make you happy the second you spritz it. And who doesn’t want that butterfly-ladybug hybrid sitting in her home?
It says: “I’m here for the party. No, wait…I am the party.” 
Buy: Department stores where Marc Jacobs is sold; SephoraUlta; $48 and up

3. Gorgeous Gardenia by Flora by Gucci: Gardenias have an incredible scent, but not every gardenia product does. Gucci nailed it with this gorgeous aroma that makes you smell like you just rolled around in a flower garden. Which means you might attract a guy who wants to roll around in flower garden with you.
It says: “It may be fall, but I still have spring fever.”
Buy: Department stores where Gucci is sold; Sephora; Ulta; $70

4. Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi: This parfum is nothing too groundbreaking (kinda’ like the word fabulous itself), but it smells delicous and clean and leaves you wanting more (ahem, great for a first date). Plus, it’s the very first fragrance by the legendary designer and comes in a pretty, vintage-y bottle. (Unfortunately, it’s not Isaac Mizrahi for Target.)
It says: “I’m cool, confident, and like beers and football with the boys as much as champs and pedis with the girls.
Buy: Exclusively at Bloomingdale’s (for now); $65 and up

5. Dahlia Noir by Givenchy: Guess what? Black is the new (50 shades of) grey and this perfumes oozes sexy. The musky-meets-floral scent is sensual without being too overpowering, mysterious without being aggressive. It’s what you wear when you want to canoodle in a dark corner with a tall, dark, handsome man. In other words, every night.
It says: “I’m really good in bed.”
Buy: Department stores where Givenchy is sold; Sephora; Ulta; $49 and up

Spray it, don’t say it.


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