WHAT….a week it has been. Girls who only post pics of their food and vacation feet on Facebook claimed to watch the presidential debate, Nicki Minaj is about to beat Mariah Carey’s ASS on national television, and Emoji added new emoticons like fried shrimp, a SECOND camel, and a gay couple. Life is good.

Here are my five picks for Internet awesomeness of the week.

1. The debate…OBVIOUSLY. There were so many good memes for this showdown that I couldn’t pick just one.

Did the candidates trying to one-up each other KINDA’ remind anyone of Bridesmaids….?

Whatever. McKayla wasn’t impressed.

And I think it’s safe to say Michelle didn’t get laid that night…

I did let this sink in. It didn’t sit well.

Nicki Minaj f*cking hates Mariah Carey, which should make for some interesting American Idol moments. She cussed her out, supposedly said that if she had a gun she would shoot a bitch (then Mariah tattled on her to Barbara Walters), and continues to blast her on Twitter. I hate to say it because I love Nicki, but I think she might actually be a total C-word!

A C-word with impeccable grammar skillz and inspirational anecdotes. (PS, why’d she bring God into this?)

4.  The Self-Obsessed Queen of Obnoxious herself (Tyra Banks, duh) posted a pic of her so-called “back fat” on Twitter/Instagram and said, “Check the juicy muffintop on my back! #AssMaintainence #PerfectIsBoring.”

Tyra, that is what most people (THIN people!) look like on a good day, so kindly go F yourself. Also, “juicy muffintop” literally made me throw up in my mouth.

5. This baby will only eat while watching Gangnam Style. That is all.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Break some rules, but don’t get arrested.


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