Hi. I’m Ashley and I’m a recovering lash-aholic. About this time last year, I got my first set of eyelash extensions, was obsessed, and maintained them for ten months, but with refills every three weeks (at a price I don’t feel comfortable sharing) and the fear that the extensions just might be damaging my real lashes, I decided it was time to go back au naturel for a bit. It was a hard transition, going from the AFTER to the BEFORE…

 …but I’m actually feeling good about my natural lashes at the moment due to some things I’ve been doing differently. Some of you may already be doing these tricks (it’s not rocket science), but I want to share for those who may find it useful.

1. TOSS THE EYELASH CURLER! I know, I know. For you ladies that use one religiously, this is life-shattering news, but just trust me. Even the top-notch She Uemura curler will weaken and/or pull out your lashes, plus you really don’t need it. With a good mascara, your lashes should curl naturally, and after a few times not using that scary metal contraption, I bet you’ll find that you even like the look better! My lashes are undeniably longer and fuller than the days when I curled them.

2. Blow dry then reapply. If you’re still freaking out about parting with your curler, this should help ease your pain. Apply one coat of mascara, then tilt your blowdryer under your eyes so it blows your lashes up (on low heat–you don’t want to burn your eyeballs) for about 7-10 seconds on each eye. Then reapply another coat. If your mascara tends to clump, purchase a cheap eyelash brush from Ulta, Sephora, or the drug store and comb through right after applying. My friend Ellen also shared a great tip with me–when your mascara is still wet, lightly hold the tip of the lashes up, curling them while they dry. It works!

3. Wear mascara on your bottom lashes. Okay, this one might be a total DUH for some of you, but I didn’t used to do it! A) I was always worried about the mascara rubbing/flaking off and giving me zombie eyes  (which would be great…on Halloween), and B) I was honestly scarred by Christina Aguilera on The Voice.

I mean…that’s terrifying. But I’ve been using mascara on my lower lashes and it truly does open up your eyes for a prettier effect. I don’t recommend the darkest, thickest mascara on the market for the lower lashes as it may clump–I use Chanel Inimitable because the brush is incredible, and CoverGirl has just unveiled a Clump Crusher mascara that Allure praises. Basically, for the lower lashes, the closer together the bristles, the better.

So go lash out.


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  1. For those of us who are less concerned about healthy lashes (whatever, they grow back…right??), where did you get your lash extensions? They look amazing!


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