Is it bad that I’d rather whip up an at-home beauty concoction than an actual meal? I mean, that’s what hummus, cheese, and crackers (and wine) is for, right?

AnyWAY, I shared my simple recipe of coconut oil and Banana Boat lotion for the softest skin ever, but I’d love to hear yours (and hopefully, they’re a little more complex/creative than mine).  Got a special blend for a moisturizing face mask, saltwater spray for beachy hair, body exfoliator, under eye de-puffer, Sex Panther parfum, or cellulite eliminator (please say yes)? Send it my way as I’ll be compiling them for a super-secret(ish) project. If I use yours (which I probably will), I’m hooking you up with a swag bag of beauty booty and just trust me…it’s good stuff.

Please email recipes to and spread the word to any fellow DIY divas. And let’s get cookin’!


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