Tomorrow, I’m heading to my alma mater, Clemson, for a weekend with my college besties and to watch the Tigers crush Virginia Tech. But more importantly…tailgating (and in case you didn’t know, Clemson was just voted #1 tailgate school in the South by Southern Living). And also of importance…what to wear whilst tailgating, especially because a run-in with an ex is inevitable.

So here’s what I’m (pretty sure I’m) wearing. And ladies, by now you know this blog is not all “how to look like me/be like me” (because I am a complete disaster), but I’m just sharing what I think are essentials to perhaps inspire you on your quest to creating YOUR perfect football-watching ensemble.

1. Skinny jeans with stretch: A must for tucking into your awesome boots (duh) and the stretch makes all the running around, dancing (on top of things if you’re like me), sitting-then-standing in the game, etc. much more comfortable. Pictured are AllSaints’ Molotov Kenta jeans, but I’ll probably rock my beloved G-Star Midge Cody Skinnies.

2. Gingham (not to be confused with Gangnam) shirt in your team color(s): When I saw this shirt at J. Crew, it was game over. I roll the sleeves up and tie it in a knot in the front, Daisy Duke-style (except not exposing my abdomen). Country and cool.

3. Riding boots: Nothing completes your tailgate ensemble better than a pair of badass boots. My Banana Republic riding boots (which I got at the OUTLET, btw!) and I have been together for three years and are still going strong. We’re sole mates. (If the weather forecast looks grim, don’t let it rain on your parade tailgate–pull on your rockin’ rain boots).

4. Cozy neckwear: Take your chilly neck to H&M immediately and pick up one of their versatileĀ tube scarfs (in black, pale pink, or camel for a measly $13). You can wrap it around you shawl-style or double it up for cool-weather cuteness. And you never have to worry about it mysteriously slipping off and disappearing into the night (or afternoon) after you’ve had 17 a few vodka drinks.

5. Ray-Ban folding Wayfarer: Okay, I’m getting specific with this one because these sunglasses have changed my life. They are slightly larger than the old-school Wayfarer (and fit SO much better), look ahhh-mazingly classy and cool, and fold up into a teensy tiny square box so they fit perfectly in your purse.

This is what I call #winning.


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  1. You totally read my mind with this article! I’m headed to my boyfriend’s alma mater so I will no doubt run into his exes and must look amazing. I had already picked out a very similar outfit, complete with folding Wayfarers, which are life changing. Well done, as always.


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