Here at Witty + Pretty HQ (my apartment), our (my) hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by that doozy of a storm. I’m grateful that my family in Delaware wasn’t hit too hard and as far as I know, my friends in the Northeast are all okay (although many of them are without power and dealing with flooding). In these trying times, first and foremost, we should keep those dealing with unfortunate circumstances in our thoughts. But after that, there are some additional actions we can take, whether we live in affected areas or not:

1. Watch Grease and let your aggression out. Because this is the only time it’s totally appropriate to yell “F*CK YOU, Sandy!” at the television screen.

2. Drink hurricanes. You need a drink. And you haven’t had a proper hurricane since Mardi Gras 2K7. Now is the time.

3. Eat the shit out of some Halloween candy. In the face of tragedy, Kit-Kats and candy corn have no calories.

4. Go on Facebook and Twitter and make fun of all the idiots posting storm images which have obviously been photoshopped or taken at a different time/place (like, in the movie The Day After Tomorrow).

5. Get it on. Hurricane sex is almost as good as snowstorm sex. Just bone down responsibly (unless you want to have a little Sandy of your own come August).

Together, we can weather this storm.


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  1. I’ve done 2 of the 5… I’m not telling which ones 😉 Thoughts and donated blood at my local Red Cross go out to y’all up north!


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