The time has come! Who is going to WIN IT ALL in 2012? Team Xtina or The Hottest Man Alive Adam Levine? Baby Hands CeeLo and his pink parrot or Blake and his awkward dance moves?

Oh wait, we’re not talking about The Voice.

There is a REAL election going on and we can’t turn on the TV, get on MySpace, or check our eHarmony accounts without hearing about it. But let’s ignore all that political chatter for a sec and examine some issues we can all agree on. Forget about abortion, gay marriage, and the unemployment rate just for a moment…and focus on cupcakes, cocktails, and Katy Perry’s painted-on ballot dress. Here are my five favorite Election Day diversions.

1. Political cupcakes. These themed treats are available at Little Cake Bakery in Atlanta, or if you’re the crafty type, you could attempt to whip them up yourself (just don’t ask me how). If neither of those options are feasible for you, just get regular cupcakes and stick some sort of patriotic favor in them or douse them in red, white, and blue sprinkles. Then stuff your face (calories don’t count on holidays, duh).

2. Wearing your pride on your sleeve hands. FACT: Voting is much more fun when you have a red, white, and blue manicure. (Another fact: That may have been one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever made on this blog.) But there is no better occasion to rock patriotic nails, and if you have a conservative office that doesn’t normally support daring digits, I dare them to say something to you about showing love for your country on such a day. Luckily, InStyle has compiled a handy guide (no pun intended) of some preferred polishes for your painting pleasure.

3. Celebratory drinks.
You vote; You treat yourself to a cocktail (or seven). That is the way it works in the Land of the Free and our future POTUS wouldn’t have it any other way (I hope). You can always throw back some bubbly or vino, but I’m digging this Skinnygirl cocktail with muddled (read: slightly smushed) blueberries, although I’d probably make it with one of my preferred vodkas (Svedka or Voli). Sorry, Bethenny.

4. Katy Perry’s election selections.
I probably wouldn’t wear a getup like this to the polls (unless you have a shift at an adult establishment right after), but Ms. Perry’s political statements are very fashion forward (literally). And being from Delaware, I love that my home state is emblazoned right across her belly.

5. The Ron Paul Bad Lip Reading. There have been many a bad lip reading worth an LOL, but this gem is one of the best YouTube videos of all time, hands down. It almost makes me want to vote for Ron as a write-in, but unfortunately, Georgia won’t honor that (haters).

Good luck at the polls, fellow Americans!


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