Last week, I participated in a career day at a local high school, which may come as a shock to some of you who know think I’m a complete mess. The event was through Athena’s Warehouse, an incredible nonprofit that empowers teen girls, and I got to conduct mock interviews and have some valuable (or at least I hope it was valuable) one-on-one time with three awesome high school seniors. I put together gift bags for them and asked for donations from three of my favorite, local companies I knew would love to help. I wanted to Internet thank them but also let it be known that these products/accessories are created by amazing women and every lady in Atlanta and beyond should have them in her beauty cabinet/jewelry box.

1. HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury shea butter cream. If your hands look and feel like a 90-year-old’s come cold weather, that is not attractive (no offense, Grandma). HollyBeth’s hand cream can turn your winter mitts from nasty to nice with its 100% organic blend of shea butter and essential oils. I slather on the thick orange peppermint cream (it’s great for elbows and feet, too) before bed and let it soak in while I dream of Adam Levine. Plus, it smells like Christmas. Joy to the world. $25, available online

2. Pla Beauty lip gloss. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that Pla Beauty is my favorite makeup line and the lip glosses are the best I’ve ever slicked on my kisser. For the young ladies, Pla donated lip glosses in a pearly, pink-mauve shade called Hope. I hope they wear it on graduation day. $22, available online and at Woo Skincare + Cosmetics

3. SmartGlass jewelry: Accessories made out of beer and vodka bottles? Yes, please. SmartGlass is one-of-a-kind recycled jewelry in all kinds of cool shapes and they were nice enough to donate pieces from the new Hex collection. I didn’t mention to the girls that the necklaces were crafted from bottles that may have once held alcoholic beverages, because, as a ROLE MODEL, I don’t want to encourage underage drinking. $32 and up, available online and at select retailers including Re-Inspiration and Worthmore Jewelers

That’s what college is for.


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