You know the drill. You’re sitting around with your fam all fat and happy (and possibly drunk/hungover), but boredom starts to creep its way in.

And you think: You know what would really liven up this party? A nice little game of “Who Would You Rather?”

But since you may not feel comfortable discussing whether Adam Levine or Channing Tatum is better in bed with your grandparents or creepy uncle, you can now play the game online by yourself or with your cool cousin. That’s right, our prayers have been answered with Bed, Wed, or Dead. Who do you want to get freaknasty with, who do you want to make babies with (then later divorce), and who do you wish would F’ing jump off a cliff?

This one is a toughie.

I definitely want to bone down with Bush, though.

Another tough call…

I’d choose Gisele dead so I could bed her husband, duh.

Happy gaming and happy holidays!


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  1. Thanks for the great article! Just read (again) and laughed out loud (again). You rock 🙂


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