Who’s nursing a food hangover? AMEN. But it’s the biggest shopping day/weekend of the year, so let’s focus. You couldn’t pay me enough to hit up a Target/Best Buy/Burlington Coat Factory on Black Friday (btw, dick move opening on Thanksgiving night, Target), but some of you crazies will be out there battling the masses for 37% off a Blu-ray player and others will be scouring the Internets for steals and deals. I’ve picked some of my favorites, so let’s all get out our credit cards and get to spendin’!

1. Sephora $10 goods. Okay, I am almost tempted to go the mall for this one (keyword: almost). For a 10-spot, you can snag beauty booty like a Stila travel palette and lip glaze ($69 value!), Best of Boscia skincare set ($35 value), Too Faced bronzer and brush ($34 value), Tocca set of three rollerballs ($30 value), and more. Click HERE for the full list (must “like” it to see the deals) and get yer pretty face to the makeup mecca.

2. Victoria’s Secret. Go to Vicki’s, spend a mere $65 on friends, family members, or yourself (way too easy to do), and you’re taking home a pink, SEQUIN tote filled with goodies (last year, it included a full-size body lotion, body mist, face primer, and Angel perfume). They had me at sequins. I would suggest doing your VS shopping earlier than later because I see these sparkly lovelies running out. And don’t forget–they have the BEST lip glosses.

3. Bella Bag.
Ladies, if you don’t know about Bella Bag, I hope you’re sitting down for this. The designer handbag website and showroom sells new or gently used Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, etc. stunners for 20-80% off normally. But on Black Friday, the showroom in Atlanta is offering 20% MORE off, and on Cyber Monday, you’re getting 20% off online. It’s a holiday miracle.
4. Feel-good tees. Athena’s Warehouse, an inspiring Atlanta nonprofit that assists and empowers teen girls, has designed these incredibly cute, Alternative Apparel (read: super soft) tees–check out the slouchy pullover ($28), which I have already ordered as you read this. Here’s the deal: Your purchase will help a young woman get a prom dress, go to college, and maybe eventually travel the world, too. BUT for every tee purchased on Black Friday, a sponsor is also donating $5 to the org! The guys’ tees are great, too, and the simple-but-powerful slogan “Be wise” just might be something your main man could use…

5. Online assistance. It’s all so overwhelming. Luckily, there are websites dedicated to helping you navigate the best Black Friday sales both in stores and online so you can get a game plan together. Check out BFADS.net and TheBlackFriday.com, which are continuously updated all day long. And of course, Amazon has got it going on; I especially love their gift list for the top-rated electronics (and if anyone is wondering, I could use a TV that was made in the last decade).

Good luck out there.


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