Well the Les Nouvelles Holiday Bazaar was a success, but mostly because I got a warm bourbon buzz off hot toddies all day and FOUR of us walked away with the one-and-only Elizabeth and James fur vest. If we were celebs and this blog was Us Weekly, we’d be all up in “Who Wore It Best Vest?”

Apparently, I like to pair fur with sequins, but I think it works best with skinny (leather if you have ’em) pants (like The Best Pants in the World), and a longer, silk blouse, especially a printed one like Kate (far right) is wearing. OR you could take a fab fashion risk and do a T-shirt and a blazer, like Molly (second from right) is doing.

In case you didn’t know, Elizabeth and James is the Olsen twins’ line and it’s still crazy to me that we got high fashion from this:

Anyway. While we’re talking about fashion WTFs, did you guys know that Topshop is now at Nordstrom?! That’s right, the to-die-for (and affordable!) British retailer can now be found across the pond in select Nordstrom stores and Atlanta happens to be one of the lucky ones. If you’re in the A, join my blogger buddy Jessica of My Style Vita this Saturday and check out the new arrivals. Try on an outfit (duh) and be entered to win a $200 Topshopping spree!

Some items I’m freaking out over (especially that bustier and burgundy biker jean):

Oh, and the (faux) fur vest. You can never have too many….

Happy (Top)shopping!


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