If you set out the Saturday before Christmas to buy gifts for everyone and end up wandering around stores in a zombie-like state followed by a near nervous breakdown in the car when you realize you’ve only checked off a sixth of the people on your list, and then end up at a bar drowning your shopping sorrows in red wine and/or vodka, then…

…in the words of the late, great Michael Jackson, You Are Not Alone. I am here with you. And I don’t want to see you cross over to the Holiday Shopping Dark Side this year, which is why it’s GIFT GUIDE WEEK on Witty + Pretty! Let’s kick it off with ten stocking stuffers that the ladies on your list will (hopefully) love. The best part: They clock in at an average of $25.

1. Tory Burch thermos ($25): Neiman Marcus at Target. I repeat, Neiman Marcus at Target. Whew, still gives me chills. Snag this colorful, Tory Burch printed thermos for the coffee lover (or gal pal who brings booze to work and pretends it’s coffee). Available online and at Target 

2. Kate Spade ‘chit chat’ iPhone 4/4S case ($40): In the words of Ke$ha, “Don’t be a little b*tch with your chit chat; just show me where your d*ck’s at.” Okay, that’s a little raunch, even for me. Get this iPhone case for your chatty friend who hasn’t upgraded to the 5 yet (like moi). Available online and in select Nordstrom stores

3. Case-Mate monogram iPhone 5 case ($38): This mongram iPhone 5 case  in classic Chevron print aims to please ladies who love their letters (ahem, Southern belles). Nordstrom exclusive; available online

4. Yochi rhinestone stud earrings ($24-$26): These are the absolute perfect everyday earring, but they can also transition into fancy territory (especially the blingy ones). I’m obsessed with my turquoise pair and I swear they make my ears prettier. Available online and at South Moon Under stores for you Northeastern folks

5. Mossimo jeweled touch gloves ($17): Nothing worse than trying to send a text with frozen hands. These gloves let your fingers do the talking on your phone/tablet, come in lovely royal blue, and are bedazzled. Done and done. Available online and at Target 

6. Fresh Sugar Perfection duo ($22.50): Well, ladies. I have found the most perfect gloss ever. Sugar makes your lips so unbelievably soft and kissable and gives just enough color. This duo comes with an exfoliator (crucial in the winter) for EXTRA smoothness. You might want to get one for yourself, too (tip: make sure you have someone to make out with…). Available online and at Sephora

7. Stiletto wine caddy ($30): I mean…just try not to love this. It’s a high heel. With a red sole. That holds a wine bottle. Cheers to THAT. Available online; in Atlanta, at Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio

8. Deborah Lippmann ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ nail polish ($16): This sparkly wine color is my fave nail stunner for the season. And with a name like that, the fiesty-ness goes hand in hand. Available online and at many locations (check online)

9. Well-Kept wipes ($5 per pack): Good God, I can’t even imagine my life before these handy towelettes in super-cute packaging. They clean your phone, your tablet, your computer (screen AND keyboard), and pretty much any other electronic device you own (except your vibrator–I wouldn’t use it on that). Available online and at these retailers (including all Fab’rik stores)

10. Lollia Wish mini perfume ($9): It wouldn’t be a gift guide without The Lucky Perfume (a.k.a. Beach in a Bottle, a.k.a The Fragrance That Will Have Men Mesmerized by Your Scent, a.k.a. If You Don’t Own This Yet, What Are You Thinking?). Get every gal on your list this petite parfum and snag one for yourself as well (it lasts a long time, trust). Available online; in Atlanta, at Boogaloos in Town Brookhaven and Heliotrope in Decatur 

Now you can breathe easy.


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