Whatup, party people? It’s still Gift Guide Week, but I’m taking a quick break from lip gloss, suitcase speakers, and flask bangles to let you know about The World’s Greatest Most Fantastic Super Duper Anti-hotel New Year’s Eve Gala Extravaganza in the Universe. Ever. Part IV.

That’s actually the name of the party.

Let me just say that I kinda’ used to hate NYE. It never lived up to my expectations, I never got the dream midnight kiss I was hoping for (or at least don’t remember it), and I would start a new year with smeared mascara all over my face and a hangover. But this party at The Buckhead Theatre has changed all that for the last two years (minus the hangover) and I cannot wait for round three on December 31. Without further adieu, the party poster:

ASM NYE flyerI couldn’t attend this photo shoot and I’m still upset about it.

So if that pic is any indication, we know how to have a good time. At this epic bash, you can expect: OPEN PREMIUM bar all night long, multiple DJs including Madflip (one of my fave dudes ever), smokin’ hot DJ Camille, DJ Mynd, and the loose cannons known as the Pananama City Boyz (not a typo). They’ll all be spinning on old-school turntables (HOT) and the chick will be in the center of the ballroom (HOTTER). Also: A masquerade themed room when you walk in (masks encouraged), whip cream wrestling on stage (seriously), a dessert/candy bar, late night pizza buffet, giant disco balls (as seen above), a confetti/balloon/condom drop, prop-filled photo booth, complimentary coat check, a drumline, giant restrooms (read: no lines), and more than 1,500 extremely attractive ladies and gents looking for a midnight makeout. Wear a sequin dress or Baby Phat onesie; rock a tux or jean shorts. We don’t care because this is anything but a snooty hotel soiree.

Currently, tickets are $95, but they’re only $85 with my super secret promo code HESS. They’ll be going up in price tomorrow (Friday) at noon and will continue to go up weekly, so get ’em for cheap before the FISCAL CLIFF sets in. If you don’t live in Atlanta, SO WHAT!? That’s what airline travel is for and I think Hooters Air is having a sale right now. You fly down here for the party; I will make sure you get VIP access and treatment, promise.

Click HERE to purchase tix and I hope to ring in 2013 with you!

Some highlights from years past:

164105_10150377080670503_7197303_n 166277_10150377509895503_729394_n 168148_10150377092250503_4428536_n 168402_10150377529250503_3288463_n 168412_10150377520460503_3490101_n 388342_10151135002305503_1168914407_n 398750_10151135016270503_605294103_n-1

Who’s ready to party?


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