On Friday, December 14, 2012, we were shaken to the core. Many of us are still having a hard time grasping the tragedy that occurred, and I know I can’t stop thinking about the families who lost someone in this senseless shooting. I’m not going to state opinions on this blog, talk about gun control, mental illness, the media, or anything else, but I didn’t feel it appropriate to carry on with light, happy content without addressing what happened. I have plans to do holiday wish lists this week, and have some great people lined up sharing what they would like to receive this year. But I know that if most (if not all) of us had one wish, it would be to end this evil in our world. And of course, we pray the families who were affected by the Newtown shooting can somehow find peace. I’m going to move forward with the content I had planned, but had to share my thoughts. I don’t think opening presents is going to feel quite the same for anyone this year. And if there is one quote* that comes to my mind with all of this, it is:


*An excerpt from John 13:34


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  1. Thanks, Ashley. You, once again, put the perfect spin on the topic. I really appreciate you!


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