He needs no introduction, but I’ll give him one anyway. Richard Blais, Top Chef champ, proud Atlantan, master of gourmet burgers and hot dogs, and creator of one of my fave restaurants, The Spence (remember?), has revealed his holiday wish list and it’s pretty damn rad (but would you expect anything less from a guy with that cool coif?). And there’s not even one kitchen utensil/appliance/spice/what-have-you that I don’t understand (BOOM). Dig in and see what’s at the top of this Top Chef‘s list:

richard blais wish list

1. DRY Soda: “Get the mixed 24-pack and try all the flavors of this low-calorie, no-additive soda!  My favorite is the Juniper.” $32 for a 24-pack; available online
(Hmmmm. Wondering how these would taste with vodka…)

2. Bamboo pot scrubber: “I do a lot of dishes and I’ve heard this thing is amazing. Plus it just looks cool!” $4; available online
(If this doubles as a rain stick, I’m sold.)

3. Frog Hollow Farms Monthly Cornucopia subscription: “The BEST fruit from Northern California.  My wife and I alternate buying this for each other every Christmas. Get the 12-month subscription so you and your family can have delicious, organic fruit all year round!” $145 for 3 months, $275 for 6 months, $500 for a year; available online
(Organic, delicious fruit at my door? Yes, please. But I’ll still frequent the Whole Foods on Ponce to check out the hot seafood guy.)

4. Vintage fish iPhone 5 case: “I got the new iPhone but I need a case! I’m partial to the vintage fish but there are a lot of designs the chef in you will love.” $22; available online
(I don’t have the 5 yet, so I feel like this item is a direct insult to me and this blog. But I do kinda’ love that fat fish.)

5. Tasty cotton T-shirt: “Who doesn’t need a Turducken t-shirt for the holidays??” $25; available online
(No one, that’s who.)

Richard, I’ll see you at The Spence soon, hopefully in your turkey tee and texting on your fish phone. And now…time to order some soda.


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  1. This is awesome. I’m pretty flattered to have a wishlist feature alongside one of my favorite Top Chefs! That fish case rules. Go Blais.
    The Pumpkin Spot


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