Have you guys been DYING to know what I want for Christmas all week long!? No? Okay, fair enough, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  There are about 3.5 things on this list that I’ll actually receive and the rest are aspirational (ie. I’ll just have to wait until Valentine’s Day (HA, yeah right), my birthday, or when I find a sugar daddy via Christian Mingle).

wish list

1. Laura Mercier almond coconut body & bath collection: I love almond. I love coconut. I love fancy bath products that make my skin feel like silk and smell like paradise. This should do the trick. Products, $15-$55 each, available at Sephora, LauraMercier.com 

2. Solid gold iPhone case: Guess what? This SOLID GOLD iPhone case is TEN THOUSAND F*CKING DOLLARS. I don’t want it. It looked pretty in the collage and I had to put at least ONE joke in here. Also, anyone that spends $10k on an iPhone case deserves to get mugged (and maybe beaten up a little bit). Oh yes, I went there. $10,000, available online

3. Tom Binns for Lisa Hoffman rhodium earrings: Yes, these gems are lovely ear candy, but there’s a surprise inside (I love surprises) in the form of “fragrance beads infused with fresh, optimistic French Clary Sage.” Which means when that special someone leans in (ooh la la), he’ll get a subtle whiff of amazing that he’ll think is just your natural scent. Genius. $200, available online

4. Nixon Camden Chrono watch: Because every girl I know has the same Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors watch and I can’t afford a Rolex or Tag (YET), this Nixon makes a bold, gold statement. Plus, Nixon is known for its gigantic, men’s watches, so it’s cool for chicks to wear them. $450, available online and at select retailers

5. Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C.: M.A.C. stands for Morning After Clutch, so I guess you’re supposed to tote this along when you spend the night with a gentleman caller? I mean…whether it’s raining men or I’m enduring a dry spell, I want this on my arm.  $295, available online and at select retailers (like Bloomingdale’s) (PS, did you see Rebecca Minkoff’s magicalorious holiday video?)

6. Warby Parker Everett sunglasses: Because I’m getting blinder by the day, I need to bite the bullet and get some prescription sunnies. Warby Parker’s frames are high-quality, stylish, SO affordable, and for every pair sold, they give a pair to someone in need, Toms-style.  $95 without Rx/$150 with, available online (and they’ll send frames to you to try before you buy!)

7. Jawbone Jambox: These speakerboxxes have incredible sound, sync with your smart phone (or any bluetooth-enabled device), and you can toss the little one in your bag and take it anywhere you might need to get the party started. AND you can customize your color scheme like the Witty + Pretty special you see above. $200 (on sale now for $150), available online

8. Funky Chunky Crowd Pleaser tin: Have you guys had Chip-Zel-Pop!? Yes, it’s a mix of white and milk chocolate-covered potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn. Aaaand I just drooled on my keyboard. This giant tin has the CZP plus chocolate popcorn, chocolate pretzels, and peanut butter pretzels. I would literally eat all 3.13 lbs. of it in 24 hours, then go into a candy coma (wait, maybe I don’t want it).  $55, available online and at select retailers (small sizes and various mixes available)

9. Flywheel Sports custom cycling shoes: MUST HAVE these shoes. I don’t need to remind you guys how psycho I am about Flywheel.  I don’t think they’re available in Atlanta just yet, but if I have to make a call to our pal Ruth in NYC (remember her?), I will do just that. Now that’s desperation dedication. $125 ($12 extra for clips)

10. North Face Midori Moto jacket: I want a casual jacket I can throw on over my workout clothes, but still looks cool enough to rock with jeans and boots. This form-fitting (and flattering!) North Face nails it. $130, available online and where North Face is sold

And that wraps it up for the W+P Wish Lists! I hope you enjoyed and that you get everything you want this holiday season. Even if I didn’t get any presents, I’d be completely happy just spending time with family and friends over booze and food.

(But like, I really do want that Jambox, Dad.)



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  1. I own the lovely Minkoff MAC in black and its pretty badass. You can borrow it whenever. Just an issue of how we get it to you… hmmm..
    Great Wish List!
    The Pumpkin Spot


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