The beauty and fitness Gods were smiling (make that grinning from ear to ear) on Atlanta when they placed Flywheel Sports right next to Drybar. Which means you can do a little dance we like to call “fly and dry”–get your sweaty spin on, then walk next door and let someone else wash and blow dry your hair (after showering at Flywheel with the in-house Bliss products, of course). See, everyone? Atlanta IS an incredible city, despite what you see on The Real Housewives.

A friend recently axed me, oops I mean ASKED me (sorry, I was still in Real Housewives mode) if there was a blowout bar similar to Drybar in Charlotte, so I researched and came across a gem called Re Salon and MedSpa. It’s not too shabs:
57552_169848133046127_1619612_oLike Drybar, there is a menu of styles named after cocktails like the Dirty Martini, Cosmopolitan, and Sex on the Beach (that would be my choice, obvi) and they serve complimentary beer and wine (so factor that into the $40 price tag). The girls were celebrating a 30th birthday and agreed this was a fab way to pre-party. Check out their lovely lady locks:
photo 2Gorge. Charlotte girls, get your rear to Re!

As for Flywheel, click HERE if you’re not familiar with its amazingness, and note that the first class is FREE for newbies. Charlotte has TWO locations (lucky b*tches), and while they may not neighbor blowout bars, they have a pretty solid thing going on up there in North Carolina (c’mon and raise up) from what I found via Facebook:

Apparently, this happened Monday night for The Bachelor premiere (recap here):


Um, I went to Flywheel on Monday night and I didn’t get a rose. And to add insult to injury, those guys are hot. (But in ATL’s defense, we do have Tim Tebow.)

Wait. Is that a bottle of wine I see?


I think it’s about time for a road trip. Let’s fly (and dry) away.


Live in/have friends in Charlotte! Spread the Witty + Pretty word (pretty please?) and let me know about any awesome stuff I should cover with a comment or on Facebook!

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  1. Great read… Now all we need is a Drybar and Flywheel in Charleston!!


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