I came across The Notebook on ABC Family the other night during the famous kissing-in-the-rain scene and it literally stopped me in my tracks (on my way to the kitchen to pour more wine). I had forgotten how incredibly SEXY that scene was. Then I saw a preview for Gangster Squad, Ryan’s second movie with my girl crush Emma Stone and it got me pondering: Is there any hotter Hollywood kisser than Mr. Gosling? (I’m really deep like that.)

Decide for yourself. And prepare for a lady boner.

1. With Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine. I did not see this movie because I heard it was the saddest thing ever. I mean, if I want to be depressed, I’ll just look at my bank account. But it looks like there are some solid makeout scenes, so maybe I’ll see if it’s on Netflix. And fellas, you should definitely cup a lady’s face/neck like Ryan is doing below whilst playing tonsil hockey.
blue-valentine-www-whoisscout-com-5As for making out sitting on the ground in an alley–not a must.

2. With Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love. The epic hotness of Ryan in this movie and the all-the-time amazingness of Emma is almost too much to bear. Plus, I love a good wet hair kiss (not that I can remember my last one).
I want to throw this pic in, too, because that looks really comfy and intimate. And more importantly, Ryan’s body.
Emma Stone et Ryan Gosling de nouveau réunis au cinéma
3. With Carey Mulligan in Drive. This one may not look all that mind-blowing, but it was in an elevator, Christian Grey-style, so it earns points with you 50 Shades fanatics. I don’t event want to think about what I would do if I was in an elevator alone with Ryan Gosling. He’d probably have to press charges.
drive kiss


4. With Emma Stone in Gangster Squad. First of all, they couldn’t come up with a better name than Gangster Squad? Sounds like a group of teenage hoodlums who go around stealing kids’ lunch money and quoting Scarface. But anyway, this between-the-sheets action looks OMG sexy and I still want to see the flick. Maybe alone.

5. With Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. It needs no introduction.

So, what’s the verdict? Is there any hotter kisser than RG? And what’s your favorite smooch sesh of his? Let me know with a comment or on Facebook!  (And good luck focusing on work now.)



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