Let’s welcome another guest blogger to the Witty + Pretty party! I “met” Crystal Stewart through Twitter (then met her in person at a bar one night, obvi), and love it when she talks beauty. She’s a Clinique consultant, nail whore expert, and overall cool and funny chick. I’ll let her impress you herself…

Okay, hey y’all. When Ashley asked me to do a little post I was like…oh. I mean, DUH, WOULD LOVE TO! So here it goes. I am a girl obsessed with all beauty products and nails. Seriously. I once read:  “As a woman, you should always have your nails painted. EVEN if it’s a clear coat.” This has stuck with me. It’s been more than two years and a day doesn’t go by that I have bare nails. I paint my nails every week and am known for it (as sad as that may be).  So, here are three products that change the game. Remember: Never go naked, ladies!


1. Butter London’s Nail Foundation:
Just like yer face, nails need foundation. This is the BEST BASE EVER, LIKE EVER, and trust me, I’ve literally tried everything 76 times and this is the Olympic gold of all base coats. It dries in a natural taupe color so you can wear it alone (who doesn’t love a 2-for-1!), and it also prolongs your mani. I change my polish about every six days and this helps it stay true to color and not chip. Life CHANGER, y’all! On another amazing note: No formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP, and not animal tested. And it’s less than a 20-spot. $18, available online and at select retailers (find one online)

2. Essie’s Luxeffects: OMG. I’ll take one of each, please and thanks. This takes any nail color to the next level when you paint a coat on top. For you conservative ladies who don’t want a fiesta on your phalanges, do a coat of this glittery goodness on just the ring finger. It comes in such an array of hues, any gal can find her best effect. The only sucky thing about sparkles: It takes a little more work to remove the glittery glue from your nails, so just let your nails soak in polish remover for a minute or two and it glides right off. Also, if you use a flat cotton pad, it’s much easier. You can find these li’l lifesavers at target for cheap. $8 each, available online and at drug stores/retailers where Essie products are sold

3. Lancôme’s Vernis in Love Top CoatLancôme sold polishes a few years ago and well…it was a disaster. I just wasn’t impressed and I’m so easily impressed with everything (even men)! But they’ve redesigned their formula (brush and all!) and WOWZERS. They nailed it. (See what I did there?) The new brush mimics a tiny paintbrush and is super dense so it holds and applies the polish evenly. The colors are all amazing, but I’m obsessed with the top coat. The consistency isn’t hella thick (that’s what she said); and are you ready for your mind to be blown? It dries like a gel polish! For $15, transform your at-home paint job to a salon-quality gel-esque mani. Totally worth it. $15, available online and at Lancôme counters

Editor’s note: Crystal would shed a tear if she saw my nails right now. Naked as a 22-year-old sexting her boyfriend. But don’t worry–I’m just giving them a breather before I try my Ciate Velvet mani kit for the first time (stay tuned for the review). And I need to get my hands on all the things mentioned above, like, STAT.


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