Because W Magazine is f*cking BOSS, they got a bunch of A-listers to reveal the celebs they have crushes on…without wearing makeup. Like, Emma Stone looks kinda’ homeless. (So does Kristen Stewart but that’s nothing new.) Ben Affleck is hot as balls (duh), Matthew McConaughey looks manorexic (is he losing weight for a role or something…?), Elle Fanning has a massive lady boner for Ryan Gosling (don’t we all), Jessica Chastain is drop dead gorgeous as always (bitch), and Matthias Schoenaerts has an extremely sexy voice that I was not aware of.

But the best one is Rebel Wilson, who actually might be the funniest female on the scene right now (besides Chelsea, of course). Aaaand we share the same celeb crush. (Click below and watch these; it’s good stuff.)

w screen tests
I will take you down, Rebel. (Right after I take down Jenna Dewan.)

So who’s your celeb crush? Who’s your fave celeb they interviewed? Who’s the most awkward (*cough* KStew)? Let me know with a comment or on Facebook!


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