Baby, it’s cold outside, but I don’t need to tell you that. (If you live in a faraway land that’s 80 degrees and sunny right now, maybe you should sit this entry out and I’ll see you on Monday.)

I’m ready for spring, or at the very least, a beach vacay (which I do have in two weeks, praise the Lawd). But before we see sunbathing weather, let’s embrace what we got. There are ways that winter actually makes you prettier. Now HOLD ON. Before you get all “I’m not tan, I feel fat, my lips are chapped, you’re crazy,” and navigate away from this page like my Cali and Florida readers just did, hear me out…

pretty cold

1. Your hair looks better (if not awesome). Cold, dry weather = no humidity = frizz-free hair = you don’t look like Monica in that episode of Friends = your blowout doesn’t go to shit the second you walk out of the salon = your hair looks amazing (or at least halfway decent) when you blow it out/style it yourself. Hopefully that’s a math equation you can solve.

2. No messy mugs. Without warm and sweaty conditions, your makeup stays put and perfect and you won’t look like you’ve been bobbing for apples in a vat of Crisco by midday. If you have dry skin and notice flakiness/dry patches in the winter, use a heavier moisturizer, especially at night. (And while we’re on the topic, don’t forget about the magic primer.)

3. You burn more calories. When it’s cold, your body works harder to keep warm (duh), thus revving up your metabolism and burning more cals. (That’s why you’re skinny and starving after cryotherapy.) And not that I recommend shivering as a form of weight loss, but it does burn about 200 calories every 30 minutes. So if you’re outdoors or your home is extra chilly and you’re cursing the winter Gods, keep in mind they could be helping get you into your skinny jeans. When my heat was broken for a week last January, I swear I lost weight (but maybe my sanity a little bit, too).

4. Natural blush. Sweaty face: Not pretty. Rosy glow: The prettiest. I love the way ladies look when they come in from the cold (as long as runny nose situations are under control). Plus, chilly weather wakes up tired skin and revives your body all over (hello, hangover helper!). Am I saying you should stand outside in your underwear after a night of heavy drinking? Maybe.

5. Cold weather style rocks. I’m all for sundresses, shorts, and sandals, but winter wear is just so awesome and versatile. Skinny jeans and boots are beyond flattering on most everyone, knit ski hats with pom poms say “Hey. I’m trendy…yet playful,” a scarf can make an outfit and brighten up your face, and don’t even get me started on my love for gloves. (That sounded like a condom ad.) As for outerwear: Finding the perfect jacket is equivalent to finding the perfect man. Actually, it may be better.

We only have a couple months of these frigid temps left. Let’s work it, girls.


*For more winter pick-me-up reading, check out my guest blog on Strictly Nutritious about five delicious, LOW-CAL cocktails easy enough to make at home!

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  1. Love this post! While I do love the warm weather, we don’t get much of a winter. I look forward to at least a couple of months of nice cold weather. And lately it’s been so warm. Very happy for the cold snap right now so I can enjoy shine free skin, dark lipsticks and warm sweaters.


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