In case you missed SNL on Saturday night, you missed Adam Levine being drop-dead-sexy as always and starring in a Lonely Island music video featuring what is soon to be your new favorite song (serious…it’s catchy). As we all know, I love to YOLO, even if I get injured in the process.

But this song takes an *ironic* opposite approach of You Only Live Once, providing warnings such as: Saunas have piranhas (that may have been just for rhyming purposes), kids have lice (is head lice really still a thing?), wear a chastity belt and triple lock it (NEVER!), and pajamas can kill you in your sleep (that’s why I slumber without them).

Check it out. Get turned on by Adam. Go out to a busy intersection with a boombox and dance to this song naked. YOLO.

Adam also did an amazing spoof on Catfish and Nev Schulman (also a cutie). If you watch Catfish, you will laugh and love this.

Ashley Levine

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